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The next time you are looking at a map of Italy , muove your eyes to just About the center of the boot until you come in Umbria , the region knowns as the “Green Hearth of Italy đź’š” and the hearth of the matter of …. part of my life .. :a collection of […]
The London eye
London has countless world-famous sights and tourist attractions. It was therefore difficult for us to decide on the 10 best things to see in London. In addition to the historic buildings and sites such as Big Ben or Tower Bridge, there are also some spectacular modern attractions in our TOP 10 list, the two newest […]
Umbria Recipis
Ciaramicola : Italy’s Easter Lemon-Spice Cake for Lovers     Difficult Level Low Cooking Time 1 Hour and a Half Cost Low Ciaramicola, a lemon spice cake, covered with merengue and topped with sprinkles, is a classic Easter cake from the Perugia province of Umbria. It is customary for a woman to give one to her lover […]
  [:it]When you’ve exhausted these towns there’s a second tier of charming and even more intimate smaller centres, such as Montefalco, Bevagna, Spello, Trevi, Narni, Bettona, CittĂ  di Castello, CittĂ  della Pieve and more. There’s also the same glorious pastoral scenery as Tuscany – the olive groves, vineyards and cypress-topped hills – as well as […]
[:it]The Umbria to discover  —- Umbria, a land with so much to discover for curious people from the world wide web, but do it without prejudices and preconceived views. In Umbria there are artistically rich city as the nearby regions, but it is full of small medieval city more intimate and easy to visit such […]
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